Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Segment Information

Segment Information
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
Segment Information [Abstract]  
Segment Information NOTE 17. SEGMENT INFORMATION We operate our business structure within three segments. These segments are defined based on the internal financial reporting used by our chief operating decision maker to allocate resources and assess performance. Certain significant selling and general and administrative expenses are not allocated to the segments including non-cash stock compensation expense. Each segment is described below: Our Outdoor segment, formerly known as our Black Diamond segment, which includes Black Diamond Equipment, PIEPS, and SKINourishment, is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative outdoor engineered equipment and apparel for climbing, mountaineering, trail running, backpacking, skiing, and a wide range of other year-round outdoor recreation activities. Our Outdoor segment offers a broad range of products including: high-performance, activity-based apparel (such as shells, insulation, midlayers, pants and logowear); rock-climbing footwear and equipment (such as carabiners, protection devices, harnesses, belay devices, helmets, and ice-climbing gear); technical backpacks and high-end day packs; trekking poles; headlamps and lanterns; gloves and mittens; and skincare and other sport-enhancing products. We also offer advanced skis, ski poles, ski skins, and snow safety products, including avalanche airbag systems, avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes. Our Precision Sport segment, formerly known as our Sierra segment, which includes Sierra and Barnes, includes two iconic American manufacturers of a wide range of high-performance bullets and ammunition for both rifles and pistols. These bullets are used for precision target shooting, hunting and military and law enforcement purposes. Our Adventure segment, formerly known as our Rhino-Rack segment, which includes Rhino-Rack and MAXTRAX, is a manufacturer of highly-engineered automotive roof racks, trays, mounting systems, luggage boxes, carriers, recovery boards and accessories in Australia and New Zealand and a growing presence in the United States. As noted above, the Company has a wide variety of technical outdoor equipment and lifestyle products focused on the climb, ski, mountain, precision sport and adventure product categories that are sold to a variety of customers in multiple end markets. While there are multiple products sold, the terms and nature of revenue recognition policy is similar for all segments. The precision sport product category represents the Precision Sport segment revenue and the adventure product category represents the Adventure segment revenue. Financial information for our segments, as well as revenue by geography, which the Company believes provides a meaningful depiction how the nature, timing and uncertainty of revenue are affected by economic factors, is as follows: Year Ended December 31, 2021 2020 2019Sales to external customers: Outdoor Domestic sales$ 112,775 $ 86,717 $ 100,294International sales 108,057 84,514 99,652Total Outdoor 220,832 171,231 199,946Precision Sport Domestic sales 101,059 45,509 21,457International sales 8,764 7,267 8,034Total Precision Sport 109,823 52,776 29,491Adventure Domestic sales 12,044 - -International sales 33,095 - -Total Adventure 45,139 - -Total sales to external customers 375,794 224,007 229,437Segment operating income: Outdoor 16,171 5,933 15,553Precision Sport 34,224 12,924 4,008Adventure (2,196) - -Total segment operating income 48,199 18,857 19,561Restructuring charge - - (13)Transaction costs (11,843) (2,433) (166)Contingent consideration benefit 1,605 - -Corporate and other expenses (21,143) (11,578) (8,043)Interest expense, net (2,939) (1,261) (1,358)Income before income tax$ 13,879 $ 3,585 $ 9,981 There were no intercompany sales between the Outdoor, Precision Sport, and Adventure segments for the periods presented. Total assets by segment, as of December 31, 2021 and 2020, were as follows: December 31, 2021 2020 Outdoor$ 166,751 $ 141,746Precision Sport 142,549 113,430Adventure 298,364 -Corporate 24,163 25,515 $ 631,827 $ 280,691 Capital expenditures, depreciation and amortization by segment is as follows. Year Ended December 31, 2021 2020 2019Capital expenditures: Outdoor$ 3,120 $ 3,376 $ 2,636Precision Sport 13,486 2,035 1,480Adventure 777 - -Total capital expenditures$ 17,383 $ 5,411 $ 4,116Depreciation: Outdoor$ 2,888 $ 2,782 $ 2,645Precision Sport 2,633 2,019 1,905Adventure 464 - -Total depreciation$ 5,985 $ 4,801 $ 4,550Amortization: Outdoor$ 1,030 $ 1,061 $ 1,111Precision Sport 3,753 3,009 2,441Adventure 5,051 - -Total amortization$ 9,834 $ 4,070 $ 3,552