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Public Offering (Details)

Public Offering (Details) (USD $)
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0 Months Ended
Feb. 22, 2012
Feb. 22, 2012
Public Offering [Abstract]    
Shares issued during Offering   7,750us-gaap_StockIssuedDuringPeriodSharesNewIssues
Additional shares of common stock to cover an over-allotment option granted to underwriters   1,163bde_AdditionalSharesOfCommonStockIssuedDuringPeriodRelatingToOverAllotmentOptionGrantedToUnderwriters
Offering price per share   $ 7.50bde_OfferingPricePerShare
Reserved shares   1,333bde_RelatedPartyCommonStockPurchased
Number of days restricting the sale of reserved shares 90 days  
Underwriting discount on sale of common shares, percentage   6.00%bde_UnderwritingDiscountOnSaleOfCommonSharesPercentage
Underwriting discount on sale of common shares, amount per share   $ 0.45bde_UnderwritingDiscountOnSaleOfCommonSharesPerShareAmount
Proceeds from issuance of common stock shares in Offering   $ 63,400us-gaap_ProceedsFromIssuanceOfCommonStock